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About Preen

Tiffany Teske is known as the “feather lady” by many happy customers at markets around Alberta, Canada. She personally loves all symbolism contained in the feather; freedom, travel, levity, inspiration, and spirit.
Tiffany started installing feather hair extensions at the Canmore Market after seeing the success of a young woman who briefly offered them there. She saw how many people shared her love of feathers, so she picked up where the previous person left off and started Preen. Tiffany began collecting ethically sourced feathers from various suppliers, including an Albertan farm as well as individuals and businesses in the USA and Australia. She uses grizzly, badger rooster and emu feathers for extensions, and pretty much anything she can find and play with to create feather earrings and cuffs. She works with two other women, supporting their business, for many of her vibrantly dyed feathers.
The sky is indeed the limit when it comes to the endless possible combinations, and each work session brings Tiffany joy as she gets into the flow of combining colours, textures, shapes, and lengths. While all feathers are unique and each earring, extension, cuff, or other feather creation is one of a kind, some of Tiffany’s styles can be repeated with varying colours, while other styles are made once, during a burst of inspiration and can’t be replicated.Tiffany enjoys collaborating with her clients and also offers custom options. She also likes to collaborate with other jewelry artists, combining dichroic glass or carved shell, for example, to her earrings.
An avid Burner, she creates items of adornment for herself and others to wear to Burning Man and its various regional events. This love of festival culture carries over in her ability to create just the perfect feathered adornment for her clients.
Please check out what Tiffany has to offer here, and get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or custom needs. She's excited to share her feather love with you!