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Feather Hair Extensions

I offer feather hair extensions from real rooster or emu feathers. They are installed in your hair for 3-6 months (depends how fast your hair grows) and you can wash, blow dry, brush, curl, straight iron, style them and go in pools. You get to pick your feathers! One feather is $15, two are $25, four are $35 (you get one free), six are $50 (you get two free), 16 are $135 (you get 5 free). Once you buy your feathers you can use them indefinitely and they cost just $5 a bundle to reinstall. Not a bad hair investment. You can add colour without damaging your hair for a fraction of the cost of dying it. Please get in touch to schedule an appointment, to find out what market I am at next, or to have me send you a kit so you can put feathers into your own hair (works best with an extra set of eyes).

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