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    Feather Earrings

    All feather earrings are handmade and one of a kind. From short and sweet to long, full, and epic, there is something perfect for any occasion.

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      Feather Hair Extensions

      Preen offers gorgeous natural and vibrant hand dyed grizzly rooster feathers for both clip in and semi permanent crimped hair extensions. They can be washed, styled, curled... just like your hair!

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        From recycled bottle cap necklaces and playa dust bottle necklaces to pin up girl cuff links and double sided glitter nebula necklaces and more, there is a wide variety to chose from.

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          Hats & Sunglasses

          Looking for a unique festival hat or sunglasses? We have you covered...

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            Visual Art

            Original mixed media collage and visual art by Tiffany Teske and Dean Balkenstein

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            "Lightning in a Bottle" Bottle Necklaces

            "Lightning in a Bottle" Bottle Necklaces

            These unique Raku bottle pendants come from Peru and are hung from a 30” antique style chain. They are mould pressed ceramic and are hand glazed which makes each of them one-of-a-kind. They are 3D and have art on the front and back, sometimes each side has a completely different scene. The are glazed on the inside and out and are made to hold essential oils. They can also hold water or sand from a special place, playa dust, fairy dust, fortunes, love notes, memorial ashes... really anything you could store in a little bottle.

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